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Mr.K.Ramesh - ManagingDirector

Mr.K.Ramesh -  ManagingDirector

Mr.K.Ramesh brings over 22 years of experience in trading with leather chemical and in corporate sales.He held various roles in the growth of company, where he has assembled and led high performance teams, while partnering with clients for collaborative growth

He is known for his capabilities in mentoring and creating high performance teams and delivering quality solutions

Ramesh holds bachelor of commerce.

Mr.K.Raghu - ManagingDirector

Mr.K.Raghu - ManagingDirector

Mr.K.Raghu brings over 20 years of leather chemicals trading experience and achieved high degree of maturity in delivering excellence and all the complex engagements.

His responsibility for the company's continued growth through new client acquisition and maintaining existing customer business relationship.

Raghu holds bachelor of science with diploma in footwear technology.